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. >>> hopes dashed as argentina's president loses ground in elections. >>>. >>> hello, this is al jazeera from doha. >> a u.s. envoy heads to syria in attempts at peace talks. political standoff - why three months on from an election opposition politicians in cam bodia are boycotting parliament. >>> and saying goodbye to a rock legend - velvet underground frontman lou reed dies, aged 71. . >>> argentina's ruling party has kept copt of congress -- control of congress in elections. the opposition has made gains. cristina fernangez de kirchner's party has lost seats in four districts, ending her chances of changing the constitution to allow her to stand for a third term. >> putting on a brave face. sunday's midterm elections confirmed they had lost, but they still celebrated. "we will build the dream of a better argentina", said the vice president defiantly. >> in buenos aires province, which accounts for 40% of votes, president cristina fernangez de kirchner's former chief of staff, now a rival, comfortably beats the star candidate for congress. >> sergio massa, more business friend
hopes for a third term dash as argentina's president loses crucial ground in mid-term election. hello, i'm laura and this is al jazeera live and diplomacy and they head to syria in the latest attempts at peace talks. election results for georgian prime minister ahead in the presidential election and. >> i'm investigating the impact that illegal sand mining, is having on the environment and people's lives. ♪ argentina's ruling party has kept control of congress in mid-term elections but opposition has made major gains and there was a party losing seats in four major district and result end her chances of changing the constitution to allow her to stand for a third term. and we are in buenos aries. >> reporter: putting on a brave face, supporters of the ruling party celebrated and sunday's mid-term elections confirmed they lost in key districts throughout the country. >> translator: we will continue building the dream of a better argentina said the vice president defiantly. >> reporter: in the province which has 40% of votes nationwide the president former chief of staff n
-term elections killing off hopes of a third term. [gunfire] emergency talks with the u.n. after renewed fighting between government forces and m 23 rebels in the eastern democratic part of congo. they pray for a return home 65 years after being forced out. ♪ the u.n. arab league arrived for talks with the syrian government planned in geneva next month and he has been touring the region in the past week talking to all sides involved in the conflict and been to countries that support it like turkey and kanta and talks with groups against fighting with the government and met iran's new president who is a supporter in the region telling him the country's presence is vital for the geneva talks to succeed. and let's bring bill joining us live from beirut and i understand he drove from beirut to damascus and he is there, what is he going to do? >> well, he is due to meet with the syrian president bashir assad and foreign minister and this will be a very difficult mission, as difficult as it was in the past simply because the positions on either side have not changed much. the opposition still says it
's president loses ground midterm elections killing off her hopes of a third term in office. >>> demanding answers and e.u. delegation heads to washington on claims that the u.s. spied on leaders. >>> no planes, trains or angels. the crippling the u.s. transport system. >> we begin with syria and this number. 2,100,000. that is the total number of people, individuals, that the u.n.est hates has now fled syria because of war. that's on top of the 5 million who have been displaced but still within syria's borders. well, that figure comes as the latest diplomacies as they try tto drum up another round of talks. we're live from neighboring beirut. take us through what they're hoping to achieve. all right, i don't know if you can hear me. i hope you can. now in da mas damascus. what do me hope to achieve. >> reporter: more than anything he wants to hear from the syrian government what it would take for the syrian government to attend a geneva conference. he has been shuffling around the region but all of this is really talk about what it would take for all it would take to sit at this same tabl
until polling day but already there are concerns about election fraud. the last presidential vote was marred by widespread corruption. al jazeera uncovered evidence that next year's election could be compromised. glass reports. >> what you are looking at are counterfeit voter cards. here in afghanistan people are worried they can be used in upcoming elections. we travelled to the east where the cards were on sale for between $5-$10. they can be used to cast a vo. you can bias many as you can afford. an official said by look at the cards he couldn't tell if they were real or fake, but it didn't matter because there'll be enough observers to prevent it happenings. they are confident these won't be used to stuff ballots. the man selling them said he had 2 million. >> for people trying to vote two times or three times or manipulate the process, they have zero chance. >> when we showed the signs to presidential candidate abdullah abdullah, he was worried the election could become a repeat of the 2009 poll - when he came in second and withdrew because of accusations of vote rig gs. al j
to egypt today. detroit and new york electing mayors. voters in new jersey and new york will be electing a new governor. morning and we are going to begin with a new gallup poll, asking you about the state of your life and your thoughts about the country in general. to you feel more optimistic about where you are going? do you have the opportunities to get ahead? we are asking the yes and -- asking a yes and no question. the number is -- you can also send us an e-mail, send us a tweet, or join us on this is what the question looks like on our twitter page. do you think there is an opportunity to get ahead in america i? , ifd on the new gallup poll you want to check it out it is online at opportunitynty of to get ahead here in america. the survey was released over the last couple of days. while the u.s. has historically prided itself on an open ended mobility, celebrating rags to riches stories, rising income inequality and a normally -- and abnormally high unemployment rate can call the question just how accurate this cherished belief is. politicians have focuse
put sudan and south sudan at loggerheads again. >> the afghan election up for sale - how you can bias many voting cards as you like forum -- for up to $10 each. >> and the sport - a home party that has been 90 years in the making as the boston red sox in the world series at fenway park. >>> within the past few hours it emerged that syria has destroyed all the equipment it uses to make chemical weapons. the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons is satisfied that all chemical weapons von destroyed. they've been given until 2014 to eliminate chemical weapon stockpiles. it's met deadlines. it had until friday to destroy mixing equipment. last week a formal plan was admitted by damascus as to how it would destroy chemical weapon reserves. it has to be approved by the international watchdog executive committee. it is unclear what techniques will be used to destroy the weapons. omar al saleh is live for us in istanbul with more details. omar, they have destroyed the equipment, but the chemical stockpile is still there. >> yes, that's right. and the whole process has three stag
a conversation with john nichols about his new book "dollarocracy." he details about how elections are being controlled by a small group of billionaires and corporations, to the detriment of the rest of us. join us in our conversation with john nichols, coming up right now. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. nots: just in case you may think big money dominates elections, consider this. the last election was the first $10 billion election in the history of the nation. washington correspondent john nichols has written a critique of our current practices called "dollarocracy." john, thanks for your work and it is an honor to be -- to have you on this program. beat romney, or did money beat money? >> money beat money. we love the happy story, but the fact of the matter is that barack obama and his supporters raised about $1.2 billion and mid romney raised about 1.3 billion dollars. it was big money versus eight money. i would argue that obama will one on the basis of his own strength. tavis: let me go forward and then we will go back. the supreme court
are coming together to move closer to the european union during crucial elections. alioshi milenkovic reports >> reporter: the youngest european country should not atrack too much attention worldwide but these did because thesis are the first in 14 years since kosovo succeeded election were held in the entire territory of kosovo. they defied the rule of the youngest european country for 14 years because they wanted to stay with serbia. international community refused to grant them that request. but eventually, belgrade, which has strong flu finfluence for s in that part of kosovo had to budge because it was offered the eu membership, the eu perspective. that's why belgrade decided to let make a deal with pristina and have these local elections organ entire territory. eventually, serbs from north were not happy with that decision and we had several incidents in the north of kosovo in a number of voting stations. he elections were interrupted. so what will be next for kosovo after these elections? will the north be integrated in the rest of the country? it is up to politicians to see whether t
in place by the transitional government does lead to a democratically elected new government that is expected to happen over the next several months. so as we move along the map, we are headed toward democracy at least electoral democracy. what actually happens in terms of who is doing the governance in the country and who is making policy decisions i think for now, we don't really know, how that will develop. >> how can you say the country is moving towards democracy when we have seen hundreds of protestors killed, and basic rights that a lot of americans take for granted and like freedom of the press are not allowed in egypt. >> that has been a cause for a lot of concern, i think both in the u.s. and on the streets in egypt. egypt. the popular sentiment in egypt is pro military. they feel the muslim brotherhood hijacked the revolution and were exclusionary in their governance and supportive of violence. people are supportive of the military crack down and people are asking for more of a military crack down. >> in a way the military and interim government are caught between
by the previous presidential election but the other parts is regarding the northern part of mali is still an ongoing task and a very difficult one to tackle. >> i want to take you up on that point about the french government and the french troops being involved in mali at the moment. french government says they want to reduce the number of troops that they have got in february next year. is it too soon as you said they have failed in their aim to try to achieve some sort of peace in mali, is it too soon to withdraw troops in february? >> well, we have to have in mind that there is a particular agenda which is the next legislative elections which will be carried out for the first round 24th of november and 15 of december for the second round and the movements which are existing in mali will want to do a sure force on that occasion. so i'm not sure that the french will be able to withdraw as rightly mentioned, france has said by the end of next july they will only be 1,000 french military troops on the ground but that was in the horizon of the ongoing and strengthening united nation stabili
the u.s. coast guard stopped 500, now it's approaching 2,000. >> a major election taking place in argentina. how the results could provide a shake-up in that country. and the death of a rock'n'roll legend, the legacy of lou reed and his impact on music. >>> . >>> argentinian president cristina fernangez de kirchner and her allies have taken a beating in midterm elections. voters went to the polls sunday shrinking her party's hold on congress. party vafrts are losing -- favourites are losing ground. many see the race as a barometer to the 2015 presidential election. we have more from buenos aires. >> it looks clear now that there's no chance at all that president cristina fernangez de kirchner can reform the constitution and try to make it possible to run for a third term. that is absolutely out. now the power struggle begins. the inner team within the coalition, the different coalitions within the dominant parties, and that is what we are seeing. at this moment the president party, the victory front is on the streets celebrate youing. the vice president a few minutes ago congra
is in the public eye for the wrong reasons and he was elected three years ago as a tax cutting person and allegations of drug use kept haunting him. >> i wish i could come out and defend myself but unfortunately i can't because it's before the courts. i have no reason to resign. i'm going to go back and return my phone calls and i'm going to be out doing what the people elected me to do. >> reporter: so far the mayor is standing firm against allegations that might have failed other politicians and it's true only the voters can remove the mayor really and that in a general election not until next year but revelations lie ahead and the video when it's eventually produced in court. the pressure on them battled mayor is bound to increase, daniel with al jazeera toronto. >>> this is "real money." you as always are the most important part of the show, so please join our conversation for the next half hour, use the handle at aj"real money" on twitter. so washington budget battles are heating up again. this week the renewal of a farm
. now, what remains to be seen is there's elections coming and we don't know what will happen, the outcome of the elections. there should be a process for the trials to go on. you know, there should beconstitutional provisions. the tribunals should continue. and we have a few people who have been put on trial, and undergoing trial. there are many, many more. there's still a lot of evidence around in bangladesh. a lot of people are alive who can give testimony. the process needs to be on. >> very interesting to speak to you. thanks for joining us from london. >>> the government of the pakistani province which borders afghanistan is going to block the nato route. the government says it will review ties and cooperation with the u.s. we are joined by our correspondent in islamabad. clearly this killing of the pakistani leaderer sparked a strong reaction. what measures is the government taking to display their displeasure to the u.s.? >> it's two fold. i think the government in islamabad is content to continue with the rhetoric, to continue with the strong condemn nations against t
>>> egypt's first democratically-elected president goes on trial, accused of inciting violence and murder, if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty. >> arab leaders gathering in cairo to persuade syrian opposition forces to come to geneva ii. >> paul ciancia told police that he acted alone in the shooting at los angeles international airport. >> art imitating life. a moroccan artist drawing inspiration from real-life turmoil in the middle east. >> welcome to al jazeera america. former egyptian president mohamed morsi is at a cairo police academy to face trial for inciting riots and murder. mohamed morsi and his legal team arrived moments ago amid tight security. supporters of muslim brotherhood are planning protests. dominic kane brings us this report ahead of the trial. >> these are the first pictures of mohamed morsi to emerge since being deposed as president in july. loked by an egyptian newspaper, they are thought to show him during a meeting with foreign dignitaries that month. he says he was ousted by the military in a move that was illegal. >> translation:
for a sensationalist victory, which has more to do with the upcoming election and little to do with justice. >> can i ask you an historical question. why did both men flee bangladesh after the war of independence in "71. if they weren't guilty of anything, what were they fleeing from. >> my understanding, certainly from chowdhury mueen-uddin - he responded to that question. to say that they fled is an unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from it. mr chowdhury mueen-uddin for example, returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, as never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said, quite openly - he said it to this news station and publicly - that he is prepared to put himself before a credible judicial process, but this is not a credible judicial process. the government... >> it's slightly confusing. the tribunal in bangladesh said they tried to get your client, certainly chowdhury mueen
a doubt is happening here in the states. >> you said famously after the 2012 election that republicans have to stop being, quote, the stupid party. you also say they have to stop being just aboutñrsys ei anti-obama. that is not enough. is that the problem with the g.o.p. here in washington? >> absolutely. i think you look at the dysfunction in washington, d.c., i think folks across the country -- republicans, independents, democrats -- are frustrated. we as a party can't just be a party of no. the only place you see conservative principles applied today are in state capitalsñr or local ther it'sts, u school choice, lowering the unemployment rate, growing the private sector, here in louisiana we're setting records for the number of people working. you're seeing that in 30 states across the country led by republican governors. we need to show voters conservative principles work. to see them working, you don't need to look farther than our state capitals. >> you have started something calledÑi america next to try to come up with an affirmatiwg conservative agenda for the nation's probl
of the world. with the election of his successor on hand, what lessons does bloomberg have to share with us? one of them, cities need rich people. he'll explain. >>> and the latest weapon against bad guys. it's not a newfangled drone or bunker buster bomb. it's simply brett me to. i'll explain. >>> first, revelations about the national security agency and spying on foreign allied leaders has been embarrassing for the obama administration at a time when it hardly needs more bad news. is it more than an embarrassment? should it raise alarms abroad and at home? at first glance this is a story that is less about ethics and more about power. the great power gap between the united states and other countries, even rich european ones. the most illuminating response came from the former foreign minister of france. he said in a radio interview, let's be honest. we eavesdrop, too. everyone is listening to everyone else. he went on to add, "we don't have the same means as the united states which makes us jealous." america spends tens of billions of dollars on intelligence collection. it's hard to get d
rouhani election. nuclear weapons talks begin on november 7. >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure to be here to talk on the possibility of having a normal, peaceful relationship with the ran. and it seems to me and i'll declare my opinion at the outset that this is the best chance we've had the revolution. it's 34 years now. and we should make every effort to see if it can work. and i'll go through it that effort would entail. first is the nuclear question. does iran have any nuclear weapons? the answer from all intelligence sources and from the iaea and the expert community is that it has no nuclear weapons. does it have the capacity to build nuclear weapons? and the answer is yes, it does have the capacity. and that's the dilemma, having the capacity, can you trust monitoring and verification sufficiently to be able to take remedial action if the peaceful path is abandoned and iran goes down the path to acquiring its own nuclear weapons. that's the task that was set before our nation and the npt and all the signatories to the npt are devoted to that task. to prevent proliferatio
elected prime minister maliki and his shiite-dominated government share the blame for the rising dangers to their country by monopolizing government power in a way that has rekindled sunni resentment and anger. arizona senator john mccain is among them. >> the major reason for the unraveling in iraq was maliki's failure to govern in an inclusive fashion. measures which he has taken which have alienated the sunni population, therefore a breeding ground, therefore then assistance to syria. i think the genesis was the failure of maliki's government, and it was taken advantage of by the situation in syria. >> reporter: obama administration officials don't disagree, but want to help maliki anyway. the reason, explains ryan crocker, is that there's still much at stake in what happens in iraq for the security of the u.s. and the wider region. >> we are seeing the most volatile and bloody times in the middle east's modern history and it is denominated in sectarian terms. this is more than anything a sectarian fight, iraq has been through that, al-qaeda is doing its best to reignite it. the situa
♪ protests across egypt today as the country's first demeanorly elected president is on trial accused of violence and murder and if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty and fall out after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills the head of the pakistan taliban and the u.s. ambassador is going to islamabad. the trouble gunman accused of opening fire at lax and killing a tsa worker and they told him after they shot him he acted alone. and a traditional form of fighting hundreds of years old is in danger of getting knocked out by modern martial arts. good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie, more than four months after egypt military coup the trial of the first freely elected president is underway and p.m. was over thrown on july 3 and held in a secret location until today. no pictures showing morsi in court have come out. he arrived earlier at a police academy in cairo for the start of his trial. these are live pictures of protesters outside the court building. morsi is charged with insightment to commit murder. supporters say the trial is politi
. he was elected as a tax-cutting populist. his behaviour and allegations of drug hughes have kept haunting him. >> i wish i could come out and defend myself. unfortunately i can't. it's before the court. i have no reason to resign. i'll go back and return my phone calls. i'll be out doing what the people elected me to do. >> so far the mayor is standing firm against allegations that might have felled other politicians. it's true only the voters can remove the mayor. more revelations lie ahead. the the pressure on the mayor is bound to increase. >> in brazil more than 300 have protested in the city of rio de janeiro. demonstrators gathered saying police have arrested people unfairly and are using a newly past law that is meant to target organised crime. >> 14 died in nicaragua and thousands sick after an outbreak of danke fever. hundreds of workers have been sent to fume gait homes in the capital. >> the malaysian police say their 3-month operation to crackdown on crime has been a huge success. it's in response to a series of high-profile crimes in the capital. we have this report
angela merkel was elected. >> this morning senator jeanne shaheen called on the nsa to come clear on the surveillance program. >> i think the revelations from edward snowden, and secrets that are revealed are doing damage to our bilateral relationships with germany, mexico and other countries where the suggestion is that we've lisped in -- listened in. i think we have repair work to do and hard questions it ask of the nsa about what is happening in the program. >> it's a different view from the chairman of the house homeland security committee. congressman peter king says america should stop apologising for the nas. >> the reality is the nsa saved thousands of lives - not just the united states, but france, germany and throughout europe. the french carried out spying operations ai gaips the united states -- against the united states. as far as germany - that's where the hamburg plot began laing to nchb -- leading to 9/11. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright agrees, saying the u.s. is not the only one that spies on world leaders, but says france listened to her calls. a
to see if they have been elected councilmembers. half of them were politicians who were hoping to be reelected. >>> more from manila. here in this public school alone thousands have come in as early as 6:00 a.m. local time. they are looking for their names on ballot lists and are expected to vote for a cluster of village government positions, manual system is still being used despite automated elections being introduced more than three years ago. >> it's taking a long time for me to find my name on ballot lists. i went everywhere there are those who have died and are still on lists. i went to other districts and thought i'd see my name. >> people need to know it's important they exercise their vote. there are allegations of fraud but you have to vote. >> this may just be local elections but it is one of the most crucial. government positions such as this one are considered to be the microcosm of political dynasties. over half government positions are coming from long standing political families. this has been seen to be one of the reasons why construction and injustice is so en
saying for weeks that he wants talks with the taliban. with the election of khan said many believe that this dialogue could start and it could lead to the end of violence as we've been discussing. >> what is the news to the death in pakistan? >> reporter: it's interesting. from a government point of view, from an intelligence point of view and military point of view i would imagine that people are very pleased that masood is dead. keep in mind that he was a very strong adversary with the pakistani state. he outwit and outplayed the military carrying out brazen and deadly attacks. but on the other side many people are unhappy with the way he decide. he was killed in an u.s. drone strike. but it's not just the government and, indeed, the state that is angry about this drone operation carried out by the u.s. many people feel that way as well. we went to the streets to gain opinion. this is what people have to say. >> americans have absolutely no right to cause this type of destruction in our country through these types of attacks. i believe this is criminal. >> the person killed in th
ousted the country's democratically-elected president in july. kerry said the u.s. is a friend and partner to the egyptian people and wants to contribute to the country's success. in an interview ahead of the secretary of state's visit, the prime minister said he intended to have frank and honest talks with kerry. he arrived before mohamed morsi and 14 other top brotherhood leaders go on trial. kerry's visit to cairo is the first stop in a nine-day trip to the middle east, eastern europe, and north africa. >>> michael jackson's former doctor who was just released from jail is now suing to get his medical license back. dr. conrad murray filed suit against the texas medical board claiming it prematurely revoked his license. murray says his conviction in california is not final until his appeals are exhausted. the former cardiologist was convicted in 2011 of giving jackson a lethal overdose of a powerful anesthetic. he spent less than two years in jail. >>> talk about putting your skills to the test. ten people parachuted to safety after two sky diving planes they were riding in c
that will reverse after friday's election was declared free and fair? >> reporter: well, it should reverse but probably not that quickly because so much damage has been done in the meantime. and you would have to also factor in the fact that you know, we are also approaching cyclone season and madagascar gets at least one serious cyclone a year but also there is a cyclical nay taoufr the harvest and we are hitting in to the lean season where prices increase naturally as well. so further price increases for people to cope with in this country 50% of the children under five are chronically mall nor malnourished. although they have free and fair elections soon the start of this eradication program, another positive, there is a lot of work to be done and madagascar continue we think to face further difficult times ahead. >> okay, thank you for jane joining us there from madagascar's capital. >>> india's second biggest software has reached a settlement for alleged misuse of business vehicle visas they sete $30 million for the immigration violations the largest such fine ever seen. the penalty i
democratically elected at this point. does your generation kid itself in terms of where america really is, in terms of women's rights. >> still think we lead the world? >> i think that many probably are uneducated on that issue, probably do think that. however, at the same time i know so many young women are very concerned about getting more women in congress, first woman president. everyone knows we haven't had the first woman president yet and other countries have. margaret thatcher they know. this is something that -- that's an issue that young women in my generation are very concerned about. when it comes down to food, water, places to live, things like that i really just say that they have no idea what it's like in some of these other countries is all. >> i would argue awareness is the first step. you can't get in to deep policy you can't deal with it in a flat way. until you actually know that the problem is there. i think that is the beauty of this campaign and i think what's really interesting and very telling about a lot of -- again generationally but even in the country, for exa
't play well with the elect ral rat. >> faisa do they have a right to be outraged? >> i think so. you have to put this in the context of, parting of ways between europe and the united states, the drone issue being another one just last week, in the u.n. general assembly, there was a big debate about drones and there you had many european countries joining with third world countries to express concern about drones. i think there's also this general sense that maybe the americans have just gone too far in their quest for security and i think that's also part of the equation here. >> but when it comes to the spying how does that rank on the evils of the united states? l. >> well, remember these countries many of them also have this history of spying. communist east germany for example where angela merkel comes from, the stasi kept records on many of them and persecuted paws of spying. there is suspicion on spying does it rank high enough to torpedo a trade deal? i don't know about that. >> i want to get your reaction from certain sunday talk shows, from a democratic senator who is against thi
-orthodox and the rest of the community. clashes on the streets and a controversial mayoral election has beit shemesh divided. stefanie dekker has the story. >> they are the ultra-orthodox living devout and private lives to strict rules. here in beit shemesh it's an issue for other residents. >> this is the haradi part of the city. >> daniel goldman has been living here for 13 years. he shows us around the city which he says is changing. he wants to bring up his five children in a diverse nab ou our hood, but not one that guesses restrictions on the way they want to live their lives. >> what they see is a large population moving in, new building projects, specifically directed towards the needs of the haradi population, which whatever time it takes means they'll have a majority in the city. that will be difficult to see how the needs of the rest of us will be taken care of. >> this is the result of that mutual mistrust, the ultra orthodox and the liberals fight in the streets. the election for beit shemesh's mayor caused controversy. large protests took place against the winner. he won by a narrow ma
election to fill the seat of the late frank laughtenberg. >> aljazeera investigates sex crimes on campus. >> sometimes the victims are the falsely accused. >> i started to talk and i broke down and i was crying, and, you know, i was just devastated. >> the struggle colleges face balancing the rights of accusers and the accused. >> between rental, light bills, water bills, i just couldn't really afford to have food in the house. >> it's a lot to juggle. things are about to get tougher for financially strapped families. the help that's being taken away today. >> the f.a.a. will start letting you use four phone and other devices during take offs and landings, but there will still be restrictions. >> santa's making an early appearance at the mall. why the first big holiday sale is already here. >> the charges have been dropped but i still can't return to campus. at aljazeera reports, he is fighting to clear his name in a crime he says he never committed. >> taylor spends most weekends hanging out with friends in fargo. in the last four years, his life has veered off in a dramatically differe
with the upcoming election. to say that they fled is unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither of them supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from that. chowdhury mueen-uddin, for example, has returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, has never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said quite openly, to this news station and publicly that he is quite prepared to put himself before a credible judicial process, but this is not a credible judicial process. >> intense fighting between m23 rebels and the military outside the democratic republic of congo. the rebels control only three hill areas near the rwandan border after losing their strong hold of bunagana last week. soldiers accused them of committing atrocities during their retreat. malcolm webb has this report from rumanagabo in the eastern drc. >> this patch of bush next to a former m23 rebel base look like any other of the something more sirns lies within. the soldier l
this is happening are you in the midst of an election for a new mayor. how do these proceedings play into election that's the interesting side part they are going to allow lech a new mayor an both say they should not be in bankruptcy. both should not say there should not be an emergency manager running, one candidate says if january if he takes office will go to the governor with his own restructuring plan and ask to be put in place and for them to remove the emergency manager. so you have different political situation that is brewing over on this side and it's going to be very interesting to see how a new mayor works with the governor and the emergency manager because the old one right now says he feels that he's been pushed aside-- aside and has no part in what is going on. >> brown: explain that for all of us on the outside because it is confusion. so when a new mayor comes in, will he or she have the power to-- derail the bankruptcy but can do what? >> he doesn't have the power to derail the bankruptcy but he says he wants to-- either one of them said they want to have more input in the proces
terry mcauliffe ahead of tuesday's gubernatorial election. he is squaring off against republican convention alley, virginia's attorney general. obama seized on the anti-to the recent government shutdown in his remarks. >> you have seen some extreme faction of the republican party that has shown again and again and again that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. [boos] this isn't just speculation, we saw it last month. here in virginia you felt the pain of the first government shutdown in 17 years. and there are a lot of states that felt more of the pain then folks right here in virginia. -- and there aren't a lot of states that felt more of the pain then folks right here virginia. city, dayyork laborers and their allies gathered sunday to call for immigration reform and to highlight the role of immigrant workers in the recovery effort after superstorm sandy, just over one year ago. the workers rallied in foley square to call for relief from deportation for worke
. and president obama urged mr. pe minister maliki to hold elections later next year. pakistan taliban leader reported dead: more on the top story, the shooting at los angeles international airport. brian rooney, this is still the case now, plenty of questions that need to be answered. l.a.x. as you know is a very busily airport. what is the situation there right now? >> reporter: there is still a hold on airport traffic. just a few moments ago an airplane landed but they're not taking off. passengers, and you may see one walking behind me are going into the airport hoping to take off time today or tonight, but right now that's not happening. >> and brian, we have identification on the shooter at this point. if you could walk us back through what are you hearing? what have you heard of people coming out of the airport about what's been described as a chaotic scene when all of this was actually taking place and going down? >> reporter: i've been unable to talk to anybody who witnessed the shooting exactly. the chaos that ensued for travelers afterwards is that they were told very little about
to the table now their leader has been killed. with the election of khan said as leader of the pakistani taliban some believe that he may go ahead with these talks. his pred cessor is somebody who did say he would talk with the pakistani government, that there was merit in negotiating with the government to come to an agreement or solution. the reality is at this stage it's too hard to say. khan said is new in the job and many are bracing themselves for violence. >> we'll have to see what happens. thank you so much. >> battle at the border, turkish police fire tear gas at a crowd of demonstrators protesting the construction of a wall along the turkey-syria boarder. it's meant to stop people crossing the border. it's discriminating kurdish families on both sides of the border. >> the united nations says 1,000 iraqis died in october attacks. iraq contributes the violence to al qaeda, which is why iraq's prime minister came to the u.s. to ask president obama for help. >> translation: we have a conversation about all the issues when it comes to diagnose gs the return of terrorism and how to
as a democratically elected president. supporting the queue. there's various disagreements. moving forward, i don't know what they need to do. i think they have their work cut out for them. >> ali, do you have ideas? >> he'll give assurances to the saudis, if you go back to the statement in riad, he said the issues between us and the saudis is not strat eegeic, just tactical. he'll stress on the differences, that they are minor. we have the same goal. >> thanks to our two guests. >>> across the world, more than 150 million children have lost one or both parents. many live in orphanages, group homes or are on the streets without care givers, or access to food or education. for every three months they live in orphanages, they lose one month of developmental skills. the christian group organised orphan sunday, it drew thousands of evan gellicals to sufferance. we visited one. >> church organizers told me if one family in every church in the u.s. adopted a child, there would be no need for orphanages. this lady sends services at her evangelical church, life with life. she shared her journey of adopti
as a prosecutor. we became judges about the same time. got elected to congress the same time. known each other now almost 40 years and i want to thank you for all that time you have been serving the community of texas and our districts match each other there in the houston area. we share a common boundary. i think it's important that we're wearing purple ties today, if i remember correctly if you take red and you take blue and you mix them together you get purple. how appropriate because this is a bipartisan endeavor that we are trying to show the horror of domestic violence nationwide. not a democrat issue, not a republican issue, it's an american issue. i guess it's a purple issue. e can use that phrase. spent, as you have mentioned, spending time at the courthouse, i saw a lot of these type of cases. and we have come a long way. yes, it is true, i remember the days when domestic violence, when some spouse would beat up another spouse, no matter how bad the injuries, unless it was death, many times the police would say, this is a family problem. it's not a criminal problem, it's not a public pro
in a new generation of leadership. i think after the presidential election last year, we got whipped. there's a lot of work to be done, no question about it. >> not just the television spotlight, a new book "days of fire" closely examines the bush administration and cheney's relationship with the desire. in the book baker details the decision making behind war in iraq, guantanamo, expansion of the national security state and hurricane katrina. while cheney was no doubt a powerful force in the white house, he dispels the myth as dick cheney's puppet. he was unquestionably the most influential vice president in american history. but he subordinated himself to bush the way no other vice president has done. foregoing any independent aspiration to run himself to make his presidency successful. in turn he gave him access to every meeting and every decision. peter, you all -- i hope our mics were not on during the break. we were talking about this book. atmosphere phenomenal piece of journalism, a great read. i think i'm not done with it, i'm not even halfway done with it but i think it will be th
to holding national parliamentary elections.
that upon, if he wins election, upon realizing that he is responsible for the management of the city as he will realize that it's in everybody's interest, including his own, to be able to manage the police department on his own without the interference of a federal judge. i don't know if that addresses the question. stop and frisk is a pregnant topic. people use it, i think, with very different understandings of what they are referring to. i think we all know it is a standard traditional law enforcement practice, like that in new york city like every other department in the country. we believe it's done properly. i don't think that will change. >> okay, another question. there was a lady here, yes. >> hello, katherine from the treasury department. first of all, thank you for your courage and your dedication. it's much appreciated. i had a quick comment and a question. the comment is, really, the agreement only covers terrorism, not organized crime, but luckily, not for treasury, but for other people, on the same day the european parliament voted to suspend the recommendation, votedded to r
to use a term chi actually love? and i do think therefore elected officials and making sure that they are partners and i'm not talking about which side of the aisle, i'm just saying locally, state, understanding this is the job creation world. and it's not yesterday's jobs. that we have to work with the union movements, work with all the local jurisdictions. we have to work with all the regulators but do anytime a way that creates the next wave of opportunities for that community. and i would say that is not perfect across the country. there are some states that do it better than others. we are in 40 states. so we should know not all equally. one of the things we do is make sure our partnership at the local level is not just one of advocacy but one of critique for self improvement. >> we have a different perspective because we are the finances ear of state and local governments of bonds. our job is making sure that each state and local community is as competitive as possible so they have the highest revenue base. we are advising quite a few municipal tiss and state how they
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